“Hello Minister Santiago,

My name is David. My wife and I had the pleasure of your officiating our wedding last June in Playa Del Carmen, Paradisus. It was most enjoyable and we’ve just recently shared our first year anniversary!

I’m email you in hopes to obtain something and I trust it would not present a large task. Both Linda and I, and our family were all moved by the touching vows that we read as you prepared. So much so, that we still talk to this day how powerful those words are. The advice our elders continue to share with us is to “always remember that day and how you felt when at the alter. Always remember the vows you made.” So what I’m hoping for is if you could share those words once again with me.

If I recall properly, you had a series of vows for each religious denomination you could officiate. We were the Christian vows. The picture below may help you recall us.

I would love it if you could email the vows we exchanged. We want to keep it as a part of our life going forward.”

Please and Thanks,

– David & Linda Tolliver
Wedded June 29h, 2014