Interdenominational Ceremony
Please send us the following information to help us “get to know you”.  

We want to create a very meaningful ceremony and personalize it as much as you want!
You can download this form here.

Wedding Date:________________Time of Ceremony:_____________

Location of Ceremony

Name of hotel ________________________Wedding coordinator_____________

Type of Ceremony

____  Civil and Religious Ceremony    (Exchange of rings will be done during religious)
____  Religious/Symbolic Ceremony     Date of Civil Ceremony __________

_____ Renewal of Vows     Married for how many years? ___________

Guest Information

How many people will be attending ____________

Bride s Information

Full Legal Name for Certificate:      ________________________________________________

Preferred Name: _____________(To be used during ceremony)      

Groom s Information

Full Legal Name for Certificate:________________________________________________

Preferred Name: _____________                   (To be used during ceremony)

If Renewal of Vows the woman s married name is usually used. Example: Robert Smith and Linda Smith

Do you want anyone else to sign the Certificate of Marriage (Max. 4 people)

Witnesses Names:

1. _______________________________________    2.  ________________________________

3. _______________________________________    4.  ________________________________

Faith Traditions (if any), what are your religious backgrounds:



_____ Short Prayer to be said at the beginning of Ceremony by Minister.

Ceremony Information
A standard ceremony will be performed unless noted below.

Ceremony will be in: _____ English   _______ Spanish ______ French ______ German _______

Bilingual (Please specify which languages and which one if any is to prevail). __________________

Any information that will help us make your  ceremony more personalized:

Special readings: _____ Bible Readings ______ Poem about love, marriage, etc.  _____

Other __________________________________________________________________________

To be read by:  Minister _______ or Guests ________________

Specify by whom (Name): _____________________________________

Special rituals: __________________ (Like the Sand Ceremony,Unity Candle, Lasso, etc.)

Will you exchange rings: _______ Yes  _______  No

Do you have your own vows: _____  Standard vows will be used ______Other ______________________

Is this your first marriage? ________  Yes        _________ No

If not, do either of you have any children from your previous marriage?

If so, what are their names? _____________________________________________________

(We can include a Family Wedding ceremony at the end to include the children in the ceremony).
Do you want anyone mentioned during the ceremony, your parents, people who have passed, etc.  _____________________________

Please help us answering the following questions :How did you meet?  ______________________________________________________________________________
How long have you known each other? ________________

How does your fiancĂ©(e) shows you she/he loves you?  Both Bride and Groom answer separately: Bride______________________________________________________________________________

Groom _____________________________________________________________________________

What is it you like most about him/her?  Bride______________________________________________________________________________

Groom _____________________________________________________________________________

Is there anything that you wish he/she would never stop doing?Bride______________________________________________________________________________

Groom _____________________________________________________________________________

Couple introduced as _____________________________

Examples: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith; Linda and Robert Smith, husband and wife; Linda and Robert Smith or your suggestion)