Parents Blessing for Bride & Groom

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Parents Blessing for Bride & Groom

Parents Blessing for Bride and Groom
By Molly Srode

Gracious God, bless __________ and __________, (our) your children as they stand before us today ready to take a step that will change their lives forever.

May the individual strengths of each one join so that they may grow together in a strong marriage.

Endow them with courage to meet the challenges that will inevitably be theirs in the coming years.

Bless them with wisdom that sees beyond individual desires to the good of their relationship.

Provide for their material needs that they may always have something to share with others.

Grant them patience, compassion and understanding to deal with the disagreements that come along the way.

May they find contentment at any given time in their marriage by accepting themselves and each other just as they are.

Give them health and strength to fulfill their hopes and dreams for the future.

May the joy and love they feel today ripen and mature as they walk together down this new road they have chosen.

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