“Get to know you” questionnaire

Officiating Weddings in Cancun & the Riviera Maya

“Get to know you” questionnaire

“Get to know you” questionnaire
Interdenominational Ceremony
Please send us the following information to help us “get to know 
you”.  We want to create a very meaningful ceremony and 
personalize it as much as you want!

Wedding Date:________________
Time of Ceremony:_____________
Location of Ceremony
Name of hotel ________________________
Wedding coordinator_____________
Type of Ceremony                                                           
____  Civil and Religious Ceremony                                   
(Exchange of rings will be done during religious)                                   
____  Religious/Symbolic Ceremony                                                
          Date of Civil Ceremony __________                       
_____ Renewal of Vows                                               
Married for how many years? ___________            
Guest Information                       
How many people will be attending ____________
Bride’s Information                        
Full Legal Name for Certificate:      
Preferred Name: _____________
(To be used during ceremony)      

Groom’s Information
Full Legal Name for Certificate:
Preferred Name: _____________                  
 (To be used during ceremony)
If Renewal of Vows the woman’s married name is used. 
Example: Robert Smith and Linda Smith
Faith Traditions (if any), what are your religious backgrounds: Bride:_________________________________________________            Groom:________________________________________________                                                                                                                                               

Ceremony Information

A standard ceremony will be performed unless noted below.
Any information that will help us make your  ceremony more 
Special readings: ______________________________________
To be read by:  Minister _______ or Guests ________________
Specify by whom: _____________________________________

Special rituals: __________________ (Like the Sand Ceremony,
Unity Candle, Lasso, etc.)

Will you exchange rings: _______ Yes  _______  No   

Do you have your own vows: _____  
Standard vows will be used ______
Other ________________________
Is this your first marriage? ________  Yes        _________ No
If not, do either of you have any children from your previous 
marriage? If so, what are their names? _____________________________________________________
(We can include a Family Wedding ceremony at the end to include 
the children in the ceremony).                                  
Do you want anyone mentioned during the ceremony, your parents, 
people who have passed, etc.  _____________________________
Please help us answering the following questions :
How did you meet? 
How long have you known each other? ________________
What activities/hobbies do you enjoy doing together?
Couple introduced as _____________________________
Examples: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith; Linda and Robert Smith, 
husband and wife; Linda and Robert Smith or your suggestion)

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